current missions/upcoming missions

  • Hampton, Virginia, open to youth going into high school  - July 8th - 14th | Awakening Church.
    This is an opportunity to experience in home churches; military outreach and children’s soccer camp.  In addition, we are working on other mission outreach opportunities. Watch the newsletter, youth info gram and bulletin for further information. For questions, contact Youth Director Mike Authenreith.
  • Mobile Food Pantry, open to the public - April 14th | Vanlue Park.
    This is a free mobile food pantry in conjunction with Chopin Hall, Arcadia United Methodist Church, Vanlue Christ United Methodist Church. Volunteers need to arrive by 7:00 AM. Food distribution begins at 8:00 AM. For further questions please call the Church office.

Noisy offering

Noisy Offering is always the 3rd Sunday of the month.  We use the offering to help either recent outreach needs (ie: weather disaster) or to support a ministry.

Missionaries we support

  • WXML
  • Navigators - Schuberts